1. How does the Bio-energetic Fuelsaver work?

The function of the BE Fuelsaver:  The stick is not magnetic. It is a vibration carrier that stimulates the plasma formation in the fuel. This means that the fuel is treated in such a way that it gets broken down into low-molecular chains, producing the ideal conditions for optimal combustion and clean exhaust fumes. The BE Fuelsaver works for diesel and petrol motors.

2. How long does the effect last?

The BE Fuelsaver needs no maintenance. The manufacturer provides a 10-year guarantee on the product’s efficiency in the guarantee conditions. The warranty is also legally valid for two years after purchase.

3. How much fuel can I save?

It depends on the motor.  Modern German diesel motors see reduction of around 10% in fuel use. Older cars with high fuel consumption rates save between 15 and 20%, and in special cases up to 36%.

4. How does it affect exhaust gases?

Once again, it depends on the motor. Toxic emissions can be reduced between anywhere from 20 to 90%.

5. How long before it begins to take effect?

The Fuelsaver starts working as soon as it’s properly installed.As the motor gets cleaned when the fuelsaver is installed, the best effects become visible following the 6th fill-up of the tank. If you prefer to measure the Fuelsaver’s efficiency according to the exhaust fumes we recommend you to measure once before the installation of the Fuelsaver and then once more following the 6th refill of the tank.

6. Can the Fuelsaver be used for trucks and other large vehicles?

Yes, it can be used with any vehicle, and indeed with any machine that has a combustion motor, e.g. diesel generators, motorbikes, tractors, buses, motorboats and much more. (There is a specific model for trucks)

7. What should I be looking at when I want to measure fuel consumption?

  • First of all you need to install it properly, at the bottom of the tank. If you are not so familiar with your car go maybe best to a mechanic or your garage.
  • The driving conditions before and after the installation of the Fuelsaver have to be the same.
  • The way the driver drives has an effect upon the fuel consumption; try to drive in the same manner both times.
  • Take down exact records of fuel consumption prior to the installation of the Fuelsaver. (when can provide you with templates)
  • Don’t change your way of driving because the motor becomes quieter; this is especially important when driving with a diesel motor.
  • The board computer has a margin of error of around 10% and the electronicsdont measure the flow back, where most of the savings are achieved. Always measure in relation to the number of kilometres travelled and fuel consumed.
  • Do not alter the weight of your vehicle.
  • Don’t use a different gas station. Fuels often vary in quality and this can change your final fuel consumption result.
  • In order to make sure the Fuelsaver is correctly installed, we recommend an installation in the tank!
  • Pay attention to the test instructions!

8. You don’t notice any effect?

  • Check again that the Fuelsaver is properly installed on the bottom of the tank (see installation guidelines).
  • Make sure you measure the consumption of fuel by comparing the actual consumption and not the electronic readings (they don’t account for the flow back of the fuel to the tank, where most of the savings are achieved). Drive the same route under the same conditions without and then with the Fuelsaver.
  • Call us if you need help!

9. Does the BE Fuelsaver change the car itself at all?

Neither the motor not the electronics are altered in any way by the Fuelsaver, and no lines are severed. The Fuelsaver is a retrofit instrument and therefore does not interfere with the car itself.

10. Do the cable fixers last?

You can fix the Fuelsaver extremely securely with cable binders and these aren’t eroded by diesel or petrol.

11. How long has the BE Fuelsaver been around?

The first test vehicle – a BMW Z3 – has been using the Fuelsaver since 2001. Its exhaust gases are now much cleaner than many new cars because the motor cleans itself thanks to the optimal combustion.

12. My car’s exhaust gases are pretty bad and I can’t get a green environmental sticker. Can the BE Fuelsaver help?

As long as the motor is working, yes! Install the Fuelsaver, then drive till you’ve refilled the tank 6 times and the motor’s been cleaned through. If your motor’s not working correctly – for example, it’s leaking, however, there’s nothing the BE Fuelsaver can do.

13. Kann ich zwei kleine (S-Type) statt einen grossen (M-Type) nehmen?

The effect will certainly be improved if you use two small models instead of one, but even combined they don’t reach the level of the big (M-type) model.

14. Can I use the Fuelsaver for oil heating as well?

For oil heating we have a specially designed oil saving stick that is tailored to the difference in combustion, as the combustion of oil produces a flame and therefore functions differently from motor combustion. (Go to SHOP)