Here’s how you can figure out how much you save

  1. Fill your tank until the fuel is clearly full.
  2. Drive on a motor way or high speed road for around 30km at 100km/h. Use cruise control if available.
  3. Leave at the next exit again and drive back to the gas station at 100km/h
  4. The amount you’ve filled up here is the amount of fuel you’ve consumed
  5. Place the BE-Fuelsaver® in your tank.
  6. Repeat steps 2-4.
  7. Fill up your tank again. The amount you’ve filled up is the fuel consumption while using the BE-Fuelsaver.
  8. Write the results in your fuel lodger.

Your motor will be cleaned and in optimal condition after 6 subsequent top ups. Please then repeat steps 1 to 4 to find out the new fuel consumption.


The test following the 6th top up must take place under the same weather and temperature conditions as the first test. Additionally, the cargo weight must also be same, as must the state of the tyres. Make sure the motor is warmed up for both tests.


Customers with fleets of over 10 trucks or buses can contact us for a test installation.

Checklist troubleshooting

The effectiveness of the BE-Fuelsaver® has been scientifically proven through a long-term test by a legally recognised expert in the field.

Monday the 2nd of January 2012

Result of the assessment: 10.7% savings.

M. Engr. Dr. Hinderer, legally recognised expert for combustion motors, carried out in total 120 test drives with various levels of speed. Despite the lower temperatures in the second half of the test with the BE-Fuelsaver® the final result was a saving of 10.7%.