Becoming a partner

We’re glad that you’re interested in becoming a partner!
You have a number of different options:

1. Reseller:

As a reseller, you’ll be trained by us, will invest into your own stock of the product and will carry out tests with the clients yourself. You will resell on your own account to your clients and will receive a competitive rate when buying from us. For more information, please contact Mr. v. Drabich.

2. Agent:

As an agent you will operate as an intermediary between us and potential fleet clients. Your responsibilities includes introducing potential clients to our products and to us and carry out tests with them. Test samples will be provided by us. This work is rewarded with attractive commission rates. For more information, please contact Mr. v. Drabich.

3. Referrent:

Your introduce us personally to decision makers of large-scale clients. We sell to them directly. In case of success you will receive a commission. For more information, please contact Mr. v. Drabich.

4. Affiliate:

Once registered with us as a affiliate, you would receive 10% commission on all sales made to clients that come to us via you. If you already have an affiliate account, you can log in here.

5. TradeTracker:

TradeTracker offers Online-distribution partners the possiblity to earn money with your website by advertising for the advertisers who have registered with TradeTracker.