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The BE-Fuelsaver® is a metal stick, 2 and a half centimetres long, made out of the stainless steel. It’s placed in a car’s tank or, if needs be, the fuel line and reduces the fuel consumption by between 6 to over 20%, the waste gas emissions by up to 90% and improves the motor performance.

The stick works as an information carrier and changes the molecular structure of the fuel. In doing so, it optimises the combustion process in all petrol, gas or diesel powered vehicles. The bioenergetic ‘BE-Fuelsaver’ interacts with the fuel in order to change the molecular structure of the hydrocarbons, which leads to a better combustion process. The metal operates as a vibration carrier that stimulates plasma production in the fuel; that means that the fuel gets energised in such a way that it gets broken down into ionised fuel chains upon entering the combustion chamber, thereby leading to a better combustion and the production of fewer toxic waste gases.

  • For diesel, petrol and LPG motors
  • For personal automobiles, trucks, Buses, farming vehicles, ships.
  • Client tests show between 6 and 20% savings
  • Seit 2007 im Einsatz
  • Over 50,000 current users
  • Product liability of up to €4 mil in case of damage
  • Many references



The BE-FUELSAVER reduces the amount of toxic waste gases.

  • By 90% for CO
  • Rust particles reduced by up to 86%
  • Up to 50% reduction of HC

The FUELSAVER improves the torque

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